Modi for Prime Minister !

Will or will not Modi be BJP's candidate for Prime Ministership ?

The question has come back to haunt the BJP and the nation and more important the media , once again .
In a party with no  designer modelled heir apparent to don the mantle by virtue of birth like the BJP ,the  number of contenders to  the above mentioned candidature is astonishing !From Sushma Swaraj ,Arun Jaitley to the immensely popular Gadkari and the young at heart Advani ,all  leaders of any  notable stature are serious contenders .

The nation and the media  in particular do not mind this in the least and start popping like popcorns once the Gujarat's Chief Minister's name crops up .

For Modi ,
1.He has proved himself an able administrator and has built a model state or that is what is to be believed from the media reports .
2.He has obviously managed to retain the trust of the people of Gujarat .
3.No court of law has so far been able to prove him guilty in the infamous post Godhra riots .

Against Modi ,
1.He remains and will remain the most polarising figure in Indian politics.
2.Though no court has sentenced him ,there is no denying that the riots happened under his nose and he let it happen without the least remorse .

In this pre election scenario the Congress seems to be amassing  unpopularity  like never before .
This might be the best chance for the BJP to bid for power against a corruption ridden ,inefficient Congress .
Unfortunately the BJP at this critical point of time lacks what the Congress has ,a Prime Minister candidate !
The media while being severely critical of Modi's rather communal posturing ,has also played a very significant though seemingly analytical role of his governance .If most media reports are to believed ,Modi's Gujarat is indeed the Promised Land where honey and milk flow .

This  well orchestrated campaign  has played a meaty role in bringing Modi where  he is today .All the recent reports seem to establish that Modi has outwitted many opponents to be BJP's  PM candidate !
Though this could mean severe polarisation of votes and loss of a few allies like Nitish ,Modi today seems the one man who can place BJP on the centre stage once again .He has most of what it takes to flourish in Indian politics ,rhetoric,posturing ,media support and above all the ability to sweep his past under the carpet !

By playing  the Modi card ,the BJP only stands to gain ..but for Modi it could be a do or die game !
If he wins ,BJP will be back in power ,his past  conveniently wished away and his detractors silenced..
If he loses ,the BJP will still remain the major opposition party but Modi's political ambitions can be clipped ..and this will  benefit his competitors and also the nation's millions who sincerely believe theirs is a land of  Unity in Diversity ......


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