"Modi"fying ....

After much dilly dallying and giving the aging Advani undeserved anxieties ,the BJP has finally managed to find its spine and  gathered guts enough to announce Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate . Though there was really no doubt regarding the choice the only doubts were about "would they or wouldn't they ".Now that the formalities are over ,the media immediately set out to behave as if the naming day was the eve of his ascending the throne itself .There were pictures of a young Modi,timelines tracing his rise ,his humble beginnings in his teashop ,interviews with his mother ,etc ,etc ..the kind of news that we are actually habituated to getting only on the eve  of a new PM or President taking office .

The  real success  story however was not the news itself but the way the media has taken to Modi .A few years the very same media slammed Modi as communal ,autocratic and polarising but now all that they seem to sing is his glory .This is victory indeed for the Gujarat CM ,who unrelentingly withstood the media onslaught against him .

Modi obviously  owes most of his recent success to the Media .The positioning of Modi has been very cleverly planned and executed and is easily the most successful marketing that we have seen in recent times.The mediocre mind would have thought that the best way to position Modi would be to make him seem acceptable to all religions or acommunal .But Modi has cleverly chosen to completely sidestep the communal plank and sought to focus on himself as  Mr.Clean Mr.Development and  Mr. Strong decision maker . .In a country embarassed by a non functioning PM ,suffocated by a thousand scams and  disillusioned by rising prices ,the Modi placement is too perfect. To the masses  ,a talkative ,thundering Modi against a non talking PM must be a definitive change .

The dividends are obvious .Modi of yesterday was a ruthless dictator  who was behind the post Godhra massacre but Modi of today is the man the nation wants to lead them .He has all the attributes it takes to make a successful leader .Modi ,the media seems to say will lead us from darkness into light .Everyday we wake up to read yet another analysis of the Modi mantra as a few dissenting noises are lost in the din .Whether Modi makes it to 7 Race Course road or not ,it must definitely soothe his pride that the media of today literally drinks from his lips .

Yet another day dawns and Modi has come to be part of our everydays .From the youth of the country to all its well wishing citizens Modi says our media is the answer.As days go the rants will escalate .
And as chants of Modi fill the air ,Modi the Messiah has arrived .....

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