Who will bell the cat ?

It has been two days since Jayalalitha triggered off a set of frenzied political debate on all the national networks .In astutely timed interview ,she offered support to the Congress led government on the only condition that Raja be dropped .She also philosphied that holding onto the past blocks progress, meaning that the Congress should forget its past experiences with her . But what really set the stage was her claim that she can manoeuvre the support of eighteen MPs if the DMK withdraws support.

Immediately the already -in -alliance with ADMK parties like the Left said a grim ,we have made note of this statement .Congress gave a No vacancy announcement and DMK said that Jaya had no moral right to comment on corruption and the Congress had shut the doors to the ADMK (which should have been said by the Congress actually )and the news channels went on overtime .The DMK said that Raja only followed what his predecessors had done ,shifting the blame on the NDA government ,but surely the list of predecessors includes Mr.Dayanidhi Maran ?

The Congress spokesperson when asked why the Congress which had asked Mr.Chavan and Mr.Kalmadi to quit, did not ask for Mr.Raja’s resignation answered that it was for "his" party to decide .If this is the command the Prime Minister has on his cabinet ,I think, it is time for him to go too.He has dared to be Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world without facing direct elections even once .Everytime there is a scandal ,the Prime Minister sits snugly behind his Mr.Clean image and watches silently .Even after allegations were made against Mr.Raja he not only let him continue as Telecom Minister but also succumbed to pressures of giving him a second term with the same portfolio .

Then there were days, when people in power resigned owning moral responsibility.This seems to have become an outdated vestigial terminology now .Once a scam is exposed ,everybody seems interested only in making as many statements in as many channels as they can and despatch the loot to safer places .If at all asked to regin they can always get back under a different guise .Look at Shashi Tharoor …..

Some interesting points were raised in the television channels
1.His resignation is not the solution and the money squandered has to be replaced –well if we cannot even get the Minister out …..
2.The Prime Minister somebody interestingly said, needs to sort this out before he flies out of the country again .This was immediately shot down by the anchor ..who said that he is here for the next two weeks …?!

If there is anybody who needs to take responsibility in this scam ,it is the Prime Minister and it is time somebody takes him to task …