Farewell Mr.Manmohan Singh!

By the noon of tomorrow ,the 16th day of May as decided by the mighty Election Commission our fate will be known .Though the results seem to be preconcluded ,the counting of votes is an adventure which thrills like none other .

As we usher in the new we need to say goodbye to old friends ..esp our erstwhile Prime Minister the honourable Mr.Manmohan Singh .When Mr.Singh was first announced as Prime Minister ,we rejoiced that an intellect and an academician and a financial  wizard  has come to head and soon we will be a nation of milk and honey !But alas the only outstanding feature of his office has been the steadfast way in which he has stayed glued onto the chair which he  seemingly reluctantly inhabited .

The most errant  feature has been his stubborn resistance to be elected by the people's mandate ,an insult to the largest democracy in the world .To the end of his term ,he continues to be member of Rajya Sabha from Assam ,his homestate refusing to own him .

While we try to choose on what will  be his legacy ,we have an abundance  of choices .We have the multiple megascams which have come in such unfailing  succession  with one bettering the other ,the 2G ,the S band ,the CWG ,the mining scam ,the Railways appointment ,et al .Then we have the many decisions that we have had the Supreme Court rapping the PM's knuckles like the CVC,the Cauvery tribunal ,the black money ,BCCI ,etc ,etc .Towards the end it was literally the judiciary which ran the govt amidst the few whimpering noises that Mr.Singh made .We also need to remind ourselves of the many foreign policy debacles from China to Srilanka .

While the grains rotted in heavily rented ill maintained facilities , millions of this country went hungry .The RTI was repeatedly crippled while many corrupt functionaries were attempted to be exempt .The  Govt systematically sought to eliminate subsidies to the deserving poor while doling out tax exemption largesse to the corporates in the name of incentives .The MNC s have been allowed to recklessly loot our natural resources in the name of GDP and economic growth and  investment ,a loot that can never be retrieved.

Yet Mr.Singh is an honourable man!

He has struggled throughout his term to keep his image of Mr.Clean unblemished while lesser mortals bore the brunt .The only time he even attempted to defend are the times when he was directly implicated .We saw an angry Mr.Singh whenever questioned and whenever attempts at dethroning happened .But here is a man who could have done better .With having to bear no responsiblity  (that would have gone to the Congress )but all credit for his actions  his was a Govt of lost opportunities .This was  a Govt decided by the Nira Radias and run by the few corporates who paid her consultancies.

History will judge him by his incompetencies and his  desperate attempts at survival and his absolute denial and negation of Collective responsibility as defined by The Constitution ...

Goodbye ,Mr.Manmohan Singh ..we are happy to see you go !