My Life

Let me live my life afresh
Let me start in a beautiful dream
Let me seek pastures anew -And
Let me my life and dreams renew

I dream of a beautiful lustrous land
Where angels do gaily fly
I dream of a magical fairy land
Where fairies and elves in leisure lie

I also dream of shining rainbows
Riding the skies like a glowing band
I also see the pots of gold
The rainbows bear on either hand

Where should I start -And
Where should I end
Where should I stand-And
Where should I mend

Speak lovely rainbow
Sow light on my way
I need to live in a pasture new -And
I need to start a life afresh


My life

I seeded my life in a million seeds
And scattered them over a thousand fields
Where they flourished
I cannot know
Where they withered
I cannot see
What the birds picked up
I shall never see
What the winds blew out
I shall never know
My harvest I shall reap
In a single dream