Rest in Peace

Upon a time
My blood was red
And my eyes all stars
And my heart of gold
Upon that time
My mind was mine

It dared to think
To dream, to wish
To seek, to ask
To question, to love

It glowed in the warmth
Of its myriad thoughts
It shone in the glaze
Of its inner suns
It rested in the shadow
Of its nested dreams

My mind wasn't mine anymore
My mind was mutilated
It dared not move
Stripped of its dreams
It stagnated like a puddle
On a forsaken street

Neglected and denied
Wounded and clipped
It bore in silence unending pain
It held in secret unfinished dreams

My mind has died a silent death
A silent unmourned unlamented death
Rest in peace, my beloved mind
Another day, we may arise and live 


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