Run ,Dr.Manmohan Singh !...for President

The  media haven't had it so busy in the past few days ...With the Presidential elections literally heating up ,the media got into action after the MM press conference or the Mulayam sorry Didi ,Mamta ,Mulayam Press conference .Quite a few incredible names have been doing the rounds since the   past few months for very humiliating reasons .

Pranab Mukherjee ...well because you can't make him the Prime Minister and he maybe doesn't want to be the eternal bridesmaid .Then ,Meirakumar ,for the same reasons that helped her  gain the speakership (which ofcourse repeatedly saw her speaking schoolteacherish words like ,Quiet ,Sit down )  and also for the number of foreign tours outdone only by the present President .Amma ,in characteristic flamboyance announced that she would support Sangma and why, because he was from a tribal background .What she actually wanted to was to  outdo Mr.Karunanidhi ,who got one up with the First Woman President !Meanwhile , Mr.Sangma maintained that even if he became President his daughter would remain a Union Minister ?And as always Dr.Kalam is in race ..

The citizenry  sipping their evening cups of kaapi and chai were shaken out of their bureaucratic apathy when Didi  with Mulayam ,broke onto their television news to name their three nominees ,Mr.Somnath Chatterjee ,Dr.Abdul Kalam and gasp !Dr.Manmohan Singh !!!!!!!

I have no objection to all three ,who I am sure cannot be any worse than Ms.Pratibha Patil who I am convinced  is the worst President we have seen.Her Presidency just like Mr.Singh's Prime Ministership is the worst insult that the Indian citizen has suffered as yet ...

My personal favourite is Dr.Manmohan Singh .I would gladly support his candidature for  many reasons.One ,it would remove him from the PMship .An economy in shambles with an econmist as head in humiliating and equally humiliating is the fact that he has refused to contest LokSabha persistently ,in the world's greatest democracy .The PM's chair I believe should be held by politicians who have vote bank considerations (which in some indirect way is accountability )and not by academicians who have no scruples .

Two ,it would be a morale boost for the common citizen who perceives him as a puppet PM ,unaccountable ,inaccessible and inefficient and heading the most corrupt cabinet in Indian history .

Three ,the Congress  can also boast that it has brought in change .If it can make Mr.Rahul Gandhi
the PM ,he will have the advantage of being focussed as the change and also have the added advantage of attributing the failures of the Govt, to Mr.Singh .It will also save the poor Indian from Mr.Gandhi's revelries and intrusions and the pain of having to share their daily kanji  with him .
The Congress under his leadership has seldom fared well and that might ring in  another good news
during general elections .

Four ,there cannot be a better post retirement programme for Dr.Singh (though with toddler adamance ,he has insisted that he  will complete his term ) .He has already had a lucrative post retirement career, which must be the envy of the Rengarajans  and the Ahluwalias.This would be another extra term and consider the  offer -sprawling residence ,travels and a heavy pay packet,good media opportunities/exposure  ,post post retirement benefits  , no  work and the honour of being the first PM -President  !

Time to Run Dr.Manmohan Singh...atleast for President ....


என் பார்வையில் said...

ryt nw while i'm penning down ths comment, the poll was ended & the president has choosd. .i dnt think singh has gud deeds fr the presidential post,yet,neither pranb. .
congres simply capturd al d parts of indian constitution. .
. .
u've penned down sme nice posts here. .
hatzoff & thnx. .

பூங்குழலி said...

Than you so much .though the post of President itself is a mere formality ,there has been never so much mudslinging and open posturing about it in recent times....