Everyday I want to write about this and then everyday I restrain myself.What has been left to say ?I wonder.Has not enough and more been written on the Revered Swami's now very famous video which must be inspiring to scores of his followers and to some I must say disappointingly mundane .

Inspiring I guess to know that the Swami is not wholly divine but has ascended to divinity through mortal means and disappointing to those who staunchly believed that he has attained divinity and thence bid goodbye to the more mortal itches .So far so good.I personally think there is nothing more to be learned from this episode than that boys will be boys and girls will be girls ..

The more intriguing answers lie in those to the questions of who did the picturisation and why ..Let us not forget that the Sun is a media meganame and political meganame too .Did it place the highest bid or did it finance the entire sting? operation .On both accounts the question remains WHY ?Did we really need the video to tell us that most Godmen have sex ?Are'nt Godmen in the news for all kinds of reasons stretching from politics ,murder,abuse and rarely Godliness ?

Already tales are around about a real estate angle ,sibling rivalry and the yarn runs so forth .I am sure that there is more to this than merely meets the eye and what the mind does not know ,the eyes do not see and so we can rest assured that we might really never get to the bare facts .Until then happy viewing...

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