Indian Parliament

The Indian parliament really lived up to its name yesterday ..I was rather afraid that they might let the opportunity for a grand ruckus slip through their fingers .They proved me wrong and how!While the earlier commotions on almost all issues were merely a energetic rushing into the well ,yesterday we saw our elected members do us proud by snatching the paper from right under the Chairman's nose .When it comes to guarding our rights ,our MP s are truly aware that they are the rulers and they are the ones who have got the mandate .So who is a chairman to them ..just a man on the chair ....

The woman's reservation bill is one ,that I sincerely believe, will never go through parliament .Even if it does, all those who enter through those reservations will be wives , daughters ,grand daughters and daughters- in- law of existing netas.So as party after party shifts blame they all know that the bill will mostly remain what it always was ... just a bill ...So whether the bill was debated or whether they voted is not something I am seriously concerned with .

I am ,within my short memory trying to look for a date on which the parliament was allowed to function .As far as I can recall ,nowhere in the recent past has the esteemed house able to function without the hoologanism that has come to characterise its members.Day after day we see members rushing to the well ,shouting slogans and in the chair the Speaker sits and pleads that they let the house function and in an act of final desperation adjourns the house .Business in parliament has become synonymous with no action and all noise.

If I am right ,it was in the days of Rajiv Gandhi that the ruling Congress formed an official "shouting brigade ",as it was nicknamed in the press, with the irrepressible Mani Shankar Aiyer at it head .Their only duty was to shout whenever an opposition member spoke low of the Govt .All other parties which have seriously simulated the Congress in factionism and what not have also incorporated into their own systems ,their own shouting brigades .With all parties letting loose their own version of it how can any work go on ?

Every newspaper carries articles on how much money is wasted when the house does not function and how politicians are demeaning democracy and so forth .All these unfortunately do not remedy the situation or take us anywhere near the solution .With television channels becoming the new age image makers or breakers ,we cannot blame our netas for not foregoing their chance on primetime .After all there is no business like show business..........


sury said...

The only profession where one need not perform but yet can get paid is the profession of a politician elected to our parliament.Most of the people seem to go there just to shout and shout out others.
Again, as you have said it correctly, even after reservation, the elected members will be only the wives, daughters, daughters-in-law of politicians past and present. This has what happened in the past, when reservations were given, and is bound to happen in future also.
So long as women on their own free will, will not jump into the arena of politics, just as they vie to become doctors or software engineers or even pilots (let me not say air hostesses) or nurses,
empowerment of women can never happen and they will still languish. And to make them adopt politics as one of their cherished professions, years are to roll on. Possibly by 2070 or 2100 we may be ushering into such a period. !!

subbu rathinam

பூங்குழலி said...

Yes ,though the Government managed to push through the bill in the Rajya Sabha it looks like it is going to be extremely difficult in the Lok Sabha .Politicians only come from dynasties these days and so that will continue.
Moreover even in the local bodies ,many women members are just figure heads and it is their husbands who are doing the job .One woman Panchayat leader's husband reportedly did not even let her sign the official cheques ...The reservation will only be a symbol I am afraid ,serving no real purpose.