The Prime Minister speaks ..

Finally , the honourable Prime Minister chose to break his silence .We do not know why this particular timing was chosen , maybe ahead of the budget session in parliament he decided that it might be better that not to add one more charge of silence to the already overloaded charge wagon behind him .Or maybe it was the S band deal that happened right under the PMO's nose (but mind you the PM knew nothing about it ,as with so many other things that have happened around him )?Well the answer to this we might never know .

Going to the interview itself ,the Congress claimed that the PM was forthright and upfront ,NDTV said he was OK on some issues like economics (but isn't he a renowned economist ?!) but smarted (ha ha -good one that Prannoy ) other issues ,Times now was going out all guns (with Arnab's histrionic talents in full display ) especially about the way he compared the low price of the spectrum with subsidies -to this Mr.Sitaram Yechury had a nice reply -"to this government whatever concession you give to the poor is subsidy and whatever you give to the rich is incentive ".Besides each channel showed the interview interspersed with shots of their own editors looking or musing pensively .

The interview of the PM was much like a boring classroom lecture .He explained even the most controversial issues in such a monotonous voice that you did not want to listen.The only thing that made you watch it was the fact that ,this is the leader, at the helm, in this era of scams ,possibly trying to clear some doubts .But like a good politician he dispersed the blame without actually pointing fingers ,created some more confusion and thereby enabled some more discussions in the media .

I asked Raja to address issues ,I said that ,I am not talking to anybody in the backroom ,I am not and so many I ams and I am nots throughout the interview .

The crowning moments of the interview were when he declared that he was not a lame duck PM and that he intended to complete his term .Then there was this time when Arnab intervened with a query on the CWG scam and the media advisor to the PM shot it down almost arrogantly that it was not a cross examination of the PM .And why should it not be ?The Prime minister chooses silence over issues almost all of the time and whenever he chooses to speak (which is once in a bluemoon ) he expects the media to sit still like school students and take notes ?

The Prime minister apparently believes that he can absolve himself of all responsibility of the not so glamorous happenings that have plagued his government .While handing over the share of blame ,he seems to conveniently forget that as PM ,he is responsible for what the ministers do under the able guidance of their respective bureaucrats .He is totally unmindful of something all Indian citizens are expected to have learnt in school ,something called collective responsibility .

If at the end of the day ,the honourable Prime Minister wanted to wipe off the mud on his face ,he only ended up dirtying his sleeves...



sury said...

At one moment, he said that the issue was been the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Telecom, and he felt no necessity to intervene.
What a Great Statement from the Head of the Country who says he is aware of his responsibilities !!!

Right under his nose, things were happening and he expresses his unwillingness tagging his view that in a coalition compromises have to be made or tolerated !!

The deal between the Space Commssion and the Devas under his Ministry. Is it he is to be woken up only after the CAG tells something is going wrong !!

Where are your checks and balances in the system ?

Mr.Prime Minister! You feel u owe a reply to the nation !!


பூங்குழலி said...

exactly ..how can he even dare to say that he did not think there was anything wrong ,I did not feel the need to intervene ,etc .He seems to be worried only by the fact that his Mr.Clean image is taking a beating and nothing else .He is least bothered by anything else .He assumes that his image of an honest man will help him get away with whatever he does .He alone is solely responsible for the council of ministers ...Atrocious attitude