Enthiran -The Robot

I like to watch Rajini movies within the first week of release.The ecstatic crowds ,the noise and the excitement make it an unforgettable experience .I remember watching Baasha ,three days after its release .It was an out of the world experience, truly .I also remember watching Baba ,second or third day with only around twenty more people with me and that was a scary experience .Now Enthiran with all its hype and hoopla ,I wasnt going to miss it .

Enthiran did make decent start . Rajini as Chitti the Robot,especially in the negative has given a commendable preformance .The special effects in the last few scenes is very entertaining for the kids .That was that ..

Everything seems to have been wrongly decided, beginning with make up .Rajini's beard looks like a toilet brush and Aishwarya Rai's costumes could have been better .The songs are such a let down and the locations unwarranted.Would any scientist who spends a decade finalising his grand research project just hand it over to his lover for keepsake just like that ,even if she is a former Miss.World?If you thought that villains have graduated from negotiating shady deals in deserted places to more sophisticated methods,you are wrong .They still do it the way their ancestors did .

Many more things -the home (everybody is in such elaborate make up all the time ,like in a tele serial) ,the labs? ,the scientist who is forever tightening nuts , seem to be out of place in the movie and they jar on you . The only saving grace is Rajini's flamboyant performance as the Villain robot.

This is a movie Rajini might have been more comfortable doing twenty years back.
Shankar has to accept that Rajini is aging and stop attempting to make him look like he did twenty to thirty years back.
Aishwarya is better suited to pair Abhishek or Hrithik ,she just isn't comfortable with Rajini.
And considering the promos and all the hype that has been going on ,surely ,
"empty vessels make more noise....."


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