Amma on the ground

Puratchi thalaivi .Amma alias Dr.Jayalalitha descended on the ground the second time in a few months .The threat of nearing elections are enough stimulus for even the AIADMK supremo. In a tit for tat style ,she held the rally at Coimbatore ,the venue for the Semmozhi Manaadu that recently concluded. All local and national media carried a reasonably good coverage of this event.

The crowd was really breath taking ,and that for a leader whose party second line has virtually abandoned her in lure for greener pastures .Whoever was at the grass root organization level for this rally deserves commendation (which is very unforthcoming in the party .)The crowd was great ,the mood was upbeat and the event was well covered .That is for the better things .

What was disappointing was the Jaya’s speech which should have been the highlight of the rally.When people gather in huge numbers ,they expect you will say something remarkable .But as usual nothing or nobody can change the ways of Madam Jaya .She went on in a monotonous tone narrating the various allegations she had already said in the media many times over .It was like listening to a JayaTV news broadcast (though one must concede that the newsreaders do a better job with the reading ) .Nothing except the last few lines which hinted at an alliance and urged the party cadres to get ready for elections stirred the crowd .When she could have easily used the occasion to galvanise the workers and get them going ,she watered down all the good work some loyal functionaries had done on the ground with her dry talk (time to have separate writers for the speeches and the statements ).

As for her declaration that, the DMK is on its way out, the ruling party was quick with the retort ,”She is not octopus Paul !”



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ஜெரி ஈசானந்தன். said...

Hello poongulali,Excellent Write Up.I appreciate your political views,Eventhough She is not a good speaker,much enough to being a "queen bee" for her partymen.recently you may came across the trichy "mega meet".still the popularity among their partymen remains same and growing.Any how coming Election will be the ultimate destination for her to get crown or ground.

பூங்குழலி said...

Yes ,
the coming elections will be very critical as far as AIADMK is concerned .We are left to choose between these two good for nothing parties and this election is critical for the electorate also.
Thank you for your appreciation and also for choosing to follow my blog .thank you ...