Lost and found

The story goes like this .We took a vacation and travelled to Malaysia and Singapore .After a refreshing tour ,purchases and numerous photographs ,we returned on the Indian Airlines flight . On unpacking I realised that the most precious possession of all, the digital camera had not returned .After a lot of brainstorming ,we decided that the camera must have been left back in the flight itself.

We tried calling the airlines number ,tried sending mails but there was no response .So finally we thought it might be better to go in person as our travel agent suggested (nothing other than a personal appearance will work ,he had emphatically said).We were little skeptical about going through all this trouble for something we had definitely lost .Anyway ,thinking of the photographs we decided to give it a try .

Lo and behold !on receiving the letter the airlines official said that the camera was indeed there and he needed the boarding pass and proof that the camera was ours to hand it over.We fortunately had the pass and of course the camera had around five hundred photographs of us and that was some kind of proof.After a few formalities the camera was handed over .Finally we got the camera and many sweet memories back thanks to the flight crew..



sury said...

பரியினும் ஆகாவாம் பாலல்ல உய்த்துச்
சொரியினும் போகா தம.
நமது எதுவோ அது நம்மை வந்து சேரும்.
நமது எது இல்லையோ அது கட்டி வைத்தாலும் அகன்று விடும்

வள்ளுவனின் வாக்கு பொய்க்குமோ !!

சுப்பு ரத்தினம்.

பூங்குழலி said...

நமது எதுவோ அது நம்மை வந்து சேரும்.
நமது எது இல்லையோ அது கட்டி வைத்தாலும் அகன்று விடும

வள்ளுவனின் வாக்கு பொய்க்குமோ !!

200 % உண்மை
நம்மிடம் மீண்டும் வந்து சேராதது நமதல்ல ..அழகாக சொன்னீர்கள்